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Valentine’s Day is not just for girls

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For the last couple of weeks stores and advertisements have made everyone aware of the quickly approaching Valentine’s Day. This holiday has many mixed feelings surrounding it, ranging from date nights, and celebrations to anti-valentine’s day parties, and Single Awareness Day. There are plenty of traditional items to get a woman for Valentine’s Day;—roses and chocolate are on sale, and are easy to find. But one problem many face is what to get a guy that he would equally enjoy. It seems perfectly acceptable for girls to expect to be surprised with gifts and date night plans. However, it is almost as if the fact that guys should also be a part of the gift-receiving has been completely forgotten. And most guys may not openly admit it, but they would enjoy something a little special too.

“For Valentine’s Day, since it’s the day of love, I want something that we both can enjoy,” Sophomore Blake Schumacher, biology major said.

This year Schumacher feels the pressure of perfecting the night for his girlfriend, as the plans rely solely on him. And though his girlfriend claims she does not want a gift Schumacher knows the expectation is there.

This is not an uncommon situation guys find themselves in. Whether girls admit it or not, the traditional expectation that the guy will go above and beyond to show the depth of his love remains true to this day. Schumacher doesn’t think this sentiment is true, and would prefer doing something together to show

“I don’t like, you know, personal gifts for myself as much. I’d rather something like them cook a meal,” Schumacher said. “Making dinner would be good. Something like that. Something you can do together ‘cause then it takes away from having to give someone a gift.”

He isn’t alone in thinking food is a good gift for the holiday. Eric Steiger, a freshman majoring in English, said he does not really care for the holiday, but admits it would be nice to get something for
Valentine’s Day. “A nice dinner,” Steiger said would be his ideal treat.

Having a dinner together is not a bad idea. Sometimes there might be more of that expectation for a exquisite gift. But the holiday is not about gifts. It is about expressing love, and showing someone you care.

Material things do not fully convey the feeling someone has for another. Spending an evening cooking together or going out to enjoy a nice meal provides something more valuable than that of a gift.

It creates a memory both partners can enjoy, even after Valentine’s has passed.

This also allows the pressure on guys to be subdued, since  no one food item says “I love you” more than another, and they get to enjoy the gift they wanted most.

So ladies, consider food this year, and consider the fact that this holiday is not a ladies’ holiday. Men would like to be treated just as nicely as women are. Food is easy. Food is unisex. Food is fun.

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