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Cuddling positions with your valentine

After you take your date out for a Valentine’s dinner and it’s time to head back home to that bottle of wine on the counter, make sure you are brushed up on a certain set of skills. Because, after all, there will only be one thing on your valentine’s mind when you pop in that movie and sit down on the couch: cuddling.
For those not fond of the activity, they often fail at satisfying their significant other when it comes to cuddle time. But how a person cuddles with their lover can determine how the other person feels about the relationship. Here are a few types of cuddles to choose from, depending on how the date went and how you’d like it to progress:
The leaning, one-arm cuddle:
This is one of the more subtle cuddles. It’s not a full on, laying down cuddle. This is when one person is angled in on one end of the couch, with their arm around the back of the other as they lean into it. This is a first date kind of cuddle, so if you want to show your first time valentine that you’re interested in having a second date, but don’t want to freak them out and make them think you’re a horn dog, this is the cuddle for you.
The lap cuddle:
If you want your valentine to know that they’re more than just a trophy for you, or that you’re not a chauvenist pig, it’s important to let them know that you need them too. By simply putting your head in their lap and laying perpendicular while you watch a movie, it gives them a feeling that they can comfort you, which can really do wonders to a person’s mind. Not to mention, you’ll probably get a nice head massage out of it.
The head-to-chest cuddle:
This works especially well if your couch is narrow. Saying something like, “Sorry my couch is kind of small, but you can lay your head right here if that would make you comfortable” is a perfect way to ease into the position. Having their head on your chest will give them a feeling of warmth being so close to your heart, and give you a feeling of toughness. Cuddling isn’t always just a dainty thing. Be sure to wrap your arm around their waist to seal the deal.
The spoon:
The most famous of the cuddles, and also the most favored, spooning is one way to make your date feel safe with you, and possibly lull them to sleep. If you’re not familiar with this position, it’s just how it sounds. However, if you wind up being the “big spoon,” this can end up being uncomfortable for your bottom arm. One way to get around this is putting yourself in the “superman” position, with your bottom arm extended over your head to relieve it from being stuck.
However you do it, cuddling can convey a lot to your valentine, mostly that you’re a kind, warm-hearted individual who wants more than just to get in their pants. So do it right this Valentine’s Day and cuddle with your beau.
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