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Condom Review

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CO-WRITER: Bret Schofield

Herpes, chlamydia, gonorrhea—these aren’t the types of “gifts” you want to receive from your partner on Valentine’s Day. It’s no secret that safe, protected sex is the way to ward against contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms don’t have to be a drag.

“It’s about taking charge of your own life for the future,” said Caryn Thompson, owner of the O-Zone. “Only you can control that.”

Finding the perfect condom is all about trial and error; it’s a little bit like trying on running shoes. What works for some people won’t work for others.

“It’s all about finding something that you’re comfortable with, that you’re confident in,” said Thompson. “It doesn’t take away from your attention when you’re wearing it, and something that is compatible with your partner.”

One Tantric Pleasures

What the package said: “Exotic texture & pleasure shape for exciting new sensations!”


What she said: “The ‘exotic texture’ was unnoticeable, so it seemed like an ordinary condom.”


What he said: “The package was misleading; there were no cool, crazy designs that either of us could see or feel.”

LifeStyles Skyn


What the package said: “The closest thing to wearing nothing!”


What she said: “For those who are allergic to latex, this is a fantastic


What he said: “This was my first time trying a non-latex, and it wasn’t bad. It was a little tight at the tip.”

Kimono MicroThin


What the package said: “For that barely there feeling!”


What she said: “This one was also my favorite. It wasn’t distracting
at all.”


What he said: “I liked this one the most. It had the best feel and the finish felt the best.”

Durex Performax Intense


What the package said: “Provide a more intense experience for you both. Designed for mutual climax.”


What she said: “The package claims to increase my experience and slow his down, but I didn’t really notice a difference.”


What he said: “This one is similar to Trojan’s Her Pleasure Sensations in the fit and feel, minus the textures.”

TROJAN Her Pleasure Sensations


What the package said: “Designed to increase her stimulation”


What she said: “I didn’t like this one! I found the textures and stimulants very distracting, which is funny, because they’re supposed to be for ME!”


What he said: “This one is good because it has a tight base and a loose tip, as well as nice textures.”

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