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Love Bites: Covering up the dreaded hickey

Bryan Talbot / The Arbiter

The day filled with extra affection can tend to get a tad too hot and heavy, leaving embarrassing marks, otherwise known as hickeys.  But don’t fret; there are solutions to get rid of these marks other than that terrible turtleneck or scarf.

 Option 1: 

Apply ice:  As soon as you realize you have a hickey, wrap ice in a paper towel and apply it to the area. This will reduce the swelling and constrict the capillaries under the skin so the color doesn’t get even more severe.


Option 2: 

Massage it out: Massaging the hickey will help break up the blood clots, which will help reduce that embarrassing reddish, purple color on your neck. Try a frozen spoon to reduce swelling while simultaneously massaging or use a toothbrush for extra pressure.


Option 3: 

Twist it out:  This is only to be used when desperate, being this is a tad bit of a painful method.  Use a small cap, could be from a chapstick, lipstick, (probably not a beer cap from last night’s happenings) and twist it into the hickey.  The steady pressure and deep penetration works the blood from the bruise deeper into the skin.


Option 4: 

Tea bags: Warm moist tea bags will help the discoloration.  Reapply until a difference is apparent.  This seems to be the slower solution of the five options.


Option 5: 

Vitamin K:  This particular vitamin works wonders and can be purchased in the form of a cream.  This helps reduce the darkness of the hickey quickly.


Now you are all prepared for heated mistakes, and if all else fails, grab your scarves and your hoodies—at least it’s winter so you’ll blend right in.