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Edible Aphrodisiacs: You are what you eat

Photo Courtesy MCT Campus
In case you haven’t heard, it’s Valentine’s Day, a holiday when many couples enlist the aid of aphrodisiacs to set the mood. An aphrodisiac can be defined as a food, drug, or potion which arouses sexual desire. So what exactly is included in this definition? claims honey as the number one edible aphrodisiac. Honey, known for its sickeningly sweet and sticky features, also has high levels of testosterone on its ingredient list. As we all know well, testosterone ups the ante for your sex drive.

More common on the aphrodisiac list are oysters, chocolate and red wine. Each of these items tend to be seen on a grocery list for a traditional Valentine’s Day celebration and are often perceived as romantic when put into an ensemble, especially on screen.

However, there are even more foods listed as aphrodisiacs than these classics.

Asparagus is at the top of many aphrodisiac lists, primarily because it helps promote the circulation of blood flow and is packed with nutrients.

Another food, vanilla,  sometimes recognized as plain or boring, is enticing to the pheromones.

It stimulates the nerves when ingested, but also creates a pleasant arousing aroma, which can entice a significant other.

The ultimate no-no for dating actually tops many lists as the go-to food for this romantic holiday. Garlic, the potent, reeking safeguard against vampires herb, is said to help men in their sexual performance.

Yet again, this foul agent will get the body’s blood pumping.

When looking for an actual love drug, there are many speculative agents outside of the miraculous Viagra. WebMD provides a laundry list of reputed aphrodisiacs including a couple of strange substances. Among these are rhinoceros horn, deer antler, sandalwood, alder bark, damiana, gypsyweed rose petals, patchouli, muira puama and catuaba.

Although the majority of these substances are natural and even edible, many are difficult to pronounce and seem repulsive when one considers eating them.

Whatever you’re willing to try to increase your odds of getting some this Valentine’s Day, remember you are what you eat.