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Undaunted undergrads: Valid graduation candidate (finally)

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Tasha Adams is a senior graduating in May (if everything goes as planned). Like Nicole Reither, she is also terrified of all things graduation—failing a class, walking at the ceremony, not finding a job after receiving her degree. “The undaunted undergrads” is an account of working through last-semester fears and getting the most out of the college experience.

I really want to graduate. I want to be out of school, with a good-paying job and not have to go to sleep every night worrying if I missed any deadlines or forgot about any tests.

In fact, I am so anxious about graduating that I have checked my academic requirement report on BroncoWeb more than I  have checked my bank account in the last two months.

But I can finally stop—I got my graduation email. And I couldn’t be more relieved.

However, it means I now need to get my butt in gear and work a little harder than I have been.

Remember last week I wrote about senioritis? That was only the beginning.

It turns out my version of senioritis not only included putting off assignments until the last minute but excessive spending (I only have the “I am a reckless college student” excuse for a few more months. And now I have a new phone.), impulsive decisions (see “Try it with Tabby.” I also now have gauged ears.), and completely forgetting appointments (apologies to anyone I
bailed on). My version of seniroitis very much resembles a manic episode.

Until I got my graduation email, I had a sort of school paralysis.

My mind refused to acknowledge my responsibilities and I had mini panic attacks every time I tried to sit down and take care of class stuff.

It was as if my brain couldn’t quite accept the fact that this is my last semester of college until my graduation application had been accepted and so it just shut out everything school related.

But it is now time to get back on track so I spent the weekend reorganizing my planner and to-do list and resetting  my life. And just in time for the Career Fair on Feb. 20.

This week I am going to polish my resume, brush up on my interview skills (I haven’t had a job interview in almost six years) and dig my professional apparel out of the back of my closet.

Hopefully mingling with potential employers will help me get excited about life after graduation and therefore motivate me to stop acting so irresponsibly and not fail any of my classes.

And for those of you who are now in a panic knowing I received my email and you haven’t gotten yours: don’t stress. I applied in November and then emailed three different people over winter break so I am pretty sure they just wanted to get me out of the way so I would stop bothering them.

Mission accomplished.

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Tasha Adams is the Managing Editor of The Arbiter. She is a senior Communication/English major with an emphasis in Humanities/ Rhetoric and a minor in Psychology. She is a grammar geek and word nerd with an unhealthy love for celebrity gossip. After graduation she hopes to move out of Idaho and explore the world a bit while beginning her "real world" journalism career. Follow her on twitter @adams_tasha.