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Students ‘Activate’ mixed mediums

Megan Riley / The Arbiter

Student paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs and prints circle the walls of the Visual Arts Center in a diverse array of pieces selected by visiting artist Whitney Tassie for “Activate: the 2013 juried student exhibition.” This juried exhibition provides an opportunity for students to have their work seen and evaluated by an artist outside the Boise community.

“It’s an awesome opportunity just to get into a juried show by somebody other than your art teachers that know your work and who you are,” said Jacob Bingham, senior illustration and photography major. “It’s kind of nice to see somebody from outside the state give a different perspective on your work.”

Bingham submitted three pieces to be considered for this exhibition. He said he was surprised when his series drawings of “Fly Fisherman to the Rescue” was selected.

“This was the one I didn’t think had a chance and it actually made it in,” he said. “I was really surprised it was this one that made it in out of all three I entered.”

As part of the juried exhibition, three works selected by Tassie were awarded first, second and third places at the opening reception Friday. Gallery Director Kirsten Furlong presented the awards and thanked the students for their impressive work and a record of 275 entries considered for this exhibition.

“Most of the studio areas in our department are represented in the show, so it’s a good way to showcase what we do to the rest of the university and to people in the community,” Furlong said. “It’s a good opportunity for the students to see good examples of work by people they maybe haven’t met yet or haven’t worked with in a class.”

Several students viewing the art said they appreciated that the pieces were selected by a nonbiased juror and they enjoyed the diversity of the pieces.

“This is technically my first art gallery (experience) I guess, so I don’t know much about it but it’s cool to know that these are people on our campus,” said Allie Raaker, sophomore communication major.

Of the pieces Raaker viewed, she said her favorite piece was “Aunt bea was an old maid” by Sara Smart, because she felt a personal connection to the piece.

“I like it because it felt genuine and I don’t know a whole lot about art so for something to stick out to me is a lot,” Raaker said. “I felt the artist really captured a sort of realness. It wasn’t just any face, it was somebody’s face. You could almost see your grandparents in it.”

Activate is on display in the Visual arts Center Gallery One through March 20.


1st Place: Eric Mullis Kelly Cox, graduate ceramic students, for “Grove 1” and “Grove 2”

2nd Place: Rikki Harvey, senior sculpture major, for “Invisible Cities Around Us” and “Government Identity”

3rd Place: Erika Sather-Smith, senior print making major, for “Beard”