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Dancing students support their team: Flash mobbin’

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

The stands were filled from top to bottom with students on Saturday.  Moments before, many of them had been in the lobby rehearsing.

The basketball game against Wyoming had them riled up and chanting in unison. At five minutes and 14 seconds, the music started to play and the students broke into enthusiastic synchronized dancing.

The second annual Corral flash mob was a basketball game success students, and fans said. It helped get students excited and entertained the crowd.

“It’s for student involvement,” said Jordan Watters, political science major. “(It) gets the students more into the game, (and) it builds basketball support.”

But the flash mob didn’t happen overnight. It was planned weeks in advance. Members of The Corral spoke about how they organize and anticipate the event.

“After last year, we knew there was going to be a lot of excitement this year,” said Max Forkner, senior communication major and one of the original Corral members.  “There’s been a lot of anticipation building up over the season, so it’s going to be bigger this year.  We started thinking about it in November and started getting the songs together.”

According to students, planning paid off and dancing with a horde of fellow students was fun.

“I never knew what it was until there was the first one, and then I loved it,” said Daphne Jalley, junior kinesiology major.  “I thought it was super fun, so I think they should keep doing them.”

It wasn’t only the students enjoying the flash mob though. In an account from one fan, there were even a few unexpected onlookers.

“I think the players were enjoying it,” said Brock Nelson, Boise State fan and husband of Boise State alumnus Sadie Nelson. “I noticed some of the Wyoming players kept peeking up to take a look at it. I thought it was a good experience all around.”

Plans for a third flash mob haven’t started, but The Corral members said they are hoping to put together another one for future students and fans of Boise State basketball.