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The Venue hosts Pyrate Punx Snowed in Festival

Photo courtesy Social Antidote
To many, Idaho is a land of potatoes, farming and definitely not music. Until recently, people around here wouldn’t have thought Boise has a killer music scene.

However, there is a place where students can go to see some great shows and expand musical horizons.

The Venue in Boise is home to countless shows for small local and traveling bands.

They almost always have something going on and with Boise’s growing music scene, there’s always something new to see.

“My husband and I bought The Venue 18 months ago, and have been working on really expanding Boise’s local and all-ages music scene,” said  Jenean Claus, co-owner of The Venue. “We come out of the old Boise punk/grunge scene of the early 90s, and are deeply invested in keeping live music available for everyone. Boise has a vibrant and growing music scene.”

On Saturday, Feb. 4, an event which really caught the attention of some Boise residents was the Venue’s first annual Pyrate Punx Snowed In Festival.

It was all local punk bands, all day. The event featured 15 of Boise’s very own punk bands, who played from 2 p.m. until 11 p.m.

The show kicked off with Social Antidote, followed by Position High.

With the tickets being only $5 for the all-day concert, it drew a large and diverse crowd.

People of all ages came to the show.

Acts such as Alef-Amet, Diluted, Pause for the Cause and 1D (no, not One Direction) performed throughout the afternoon.

“It was certainly a different experience,” Jasmine Birk, freshman criminal justice major, said. “There were a lot of very interesting people there. The music was loud and expressive and overall it was a good experience.”

Later in the night, Nude Oil, The Sneez, Parallel Collision and Balderdash played. (The band names alone are interesting enough to want to check these guys out!)

The night ended with Tetraphobia, The Meatballs and Clyde Webb. It was a great day of music and seeing the kind of talent the city of Boise holds.

“One of the best things about having so many local bands play at an event like (Saturday’s) punk show or one of our many locals only shows, is the amount of talent we can give exposure to broader audiences,” Claus said of the bands that regularly play. “We love to host hugely popular artists but we also book many unknown or up-and-comers.”

For more information on shows and events going on at the Venue, visit Who knows, maybe your new favorite band is playing there in the near future.


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