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The undaunted undergrad – Nightmares

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Nicole Reither is a senior graduating in May with a degree in Communication and a certificate in Public Relations. Like Tasha Adams, she is also terrified of graduating–missing out on free food at the BRC, student tickets to events and the luxury of the free gym. “The undaunted undergrads” is an account of working through last-semester fears and getting the most out of the college experience.

As spring break rapidly approaches, the thought of being in a swimsuit continuously consumes my thoughts. I actually have nightmares about it. Nightmares which scared me right back into the workout routine. I’m not kidding.

Upon walking into the gym I immediately knew this was going to be one very large struggle-fest. The elliptical was the one machine  which scared me the least, and I knew I could find one tucked away in a corner.

Clearly I didn’t want anyone I knew to see me, the thought of wearing a mask even crossed my mind. After thirty minutes on the elliptical I realized how bored I was. I even resorted to playing Temple Run, which I do not recommend. I was almost the girl who everyone laughs at for face-planting on a workout machine. Trust me, it’s not funny.

With the hopes of not looking like I was going to fly away anymore I jumped on the weight machines to attempt to tone up my arms. Once again the struggle-fest continued. And I would have rather chewed off my own arm then continue with this torture.

Finally I would end my time at the gym sitting in the sauna for twenty minutes, which was essentially my favorite part of this whole process. Lazy, I know. The next day I could barely walk, pathetic right? But I was bound and determined to find something I liked to do at the gym.

After about three weeks of this treacherous routine I finally found my groove. Hot yoga and spin class, I realized, were more of the type of workouts I enjoyed. These classes kept my attention and challenged me to work muscles I normally wouldn’t.

Not to mention hot yoga combines yoga with a sauna. Double the fun. Here are my two cents: stick with it.

I hated my life for the first two weeks of this experiment. However, now with it in my routine, I feel better, I look better (sort of) and I even sleep better. So take advantage of this free gym while we have it for the short time we are called students.

And while your at it, keep your fingers crossed I won’t fall off the wagon, or at least I wont come tumbling down until after spring break. Then I can go back to eating Ben and Jerry’s out of the tub, right?

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Nicole Reither is the Online Editor of The Arbiter. A senior Communication student pursuing a Certificate of Public Relations, Reither is also the Boise State PRSSA's President. Follow her on twitter @nReither.