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my.boisestate is a welcome change

There are a lot of tribulations of the beginning of the semester: looking up what buildings new classes are in and going through syllabus after syllabus on Blackboard, then going and checking Broncomail for emails and logging on to BroncoWeb for updates on tuition fees. Sure, most students are great at downloading music, finishing a discussion board and watching the latest episode of “The Bachelor” all at the same time, however, there  seems to be a lot to juggle and more headaches when trying to be on Blackboard, BroncoWeb and Broncomail all at the same time.

Yes, this may sound a bit petulant but wouldn’t it be nice to just lean, back
type in a username and password once and be
done with it? Luckily the Office of Information Technology at Boise State seemed to agree, and this February will see the launch of my.boisestate—A single portal to all three web services.

Senior Katie Davis had similar ideas when it came to merging the programs.

“Having Broncomail, BroncoWeb and Blackboard merge into one website would be more convenient. It’s not that hard to have three separate tabs up at a time but it would be nice to only put in your user name and password one time and be able to access everything you may need there,”
Davis said.

This just makes so much sense to merge all three together instead of having to log onto different places and experiencing the hated words flashing across the screen saying “session expired.”

Another benefit to having all three merged together would be the much more user-friendly template it would offer. Blackboard and BroncoWeb are set up completely different from one another and being able to have all of the financial and class set-ups on one site would benefit students and faculty members.

This is especially true since faculty members are getting mass amounts of email every day and having to constantly check Blackboard and respond to problems students are having. Additionally, being able to work Broncomail in as well, faculty members would only have to be on one site answering emails and diagnosing problems students are having with their Blackboard sessions.

Senior Stephanie Leedy makes a great point for new Broncos.

“It’s time-consuming having to go to each website and annoying to have them all up on your computer and also can be very confusing for new students at Boise State,” Leedy said.

The new portal will be a benefit for all students, especially new Broncos. By merging all the important websites students and staff use, we are making
it a user-friendly environment and more convenient for everyone.