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How to get in the KNOW

After loging in to BroncoWeb, BroncoMail and Blackboard on a regular basis, it’s easy to become quickly familiarized with the sites.

Some students even take advantage of the Career Center from time to time.

But a lot of students aren’t aware of the websites which can truly make their lives easier.

Junior political science major, Ryan Gregg, Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) body president said it’s his job to make sure the student government functions well and to represent the voice of the students. Gregg said he knows the importance of getting involved and keeping up with what’s going on around campus, so he suggests starting with ASBSU’s website.

“I like to think our website is pretty important,” Gregg said. “If students want to get involved they can come to our website and they can figure out how to get funding or they can get links to the actual Get Involved website.”

Gregg went on to disclose an upcoming feature of the Boise State website that is getting ready for beta testing.

“What I think is really cool about the way that we’re going is that, there’s something called My.BoiseState, and it’s a single sign-on,” Gregg said. “For example: if you went to the regular Boise State home page and clicked ‘sign in,’ you would use your BroncoWeb name and password and then you would be signed in to your university email, your BroncoWeb and your Blackboard and you could go back and forth between the three and not have to sign in and out.”

Gregg also stated, as far as Facebook pages go, they are great places to get quick and current updates about upcoming to-do’s or activities, but said if a student had access to just one thing outside of class time it should be Get Involved.

Ashlie Baty, the student organizations coordinator for the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (Get Involved), said the website their office uses most frequently is OrgSync, which has been in operation for four semesters now.

“It’s a website that is kind of like a student organization online desk. Our students don’t have a physical work space, but they do have an online tool,” Baty said. “All of our students and all of our student organizations are automatically on OrgSync, which is a great resource for them to get connected to a group or a program, a department, other students, anything that’s happening on campus. To log in all you need is your BroncoWeb ID and password.”

Baty went on to explain OrgSync’s news feed, which displays all the current events happening on campus.

“It has information on how to get your academic research published and things like that,” Baty said. “It also has some upcoming leadership events in our office. So it’s right there on the home page. Then a really good thing for students to go to is a button on the home page called Browse Organizations. When they click that green button it’ll bring up all the departments and student organizations that we have here at Boise State.”

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