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The undaunted undergrads: I have an early case of senioritis

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Tasha Adams is a senior (hopefully) graduating in May. She is terrified of all things graduation—failing a class and not meeting requirements, walking at the ceremony, not finding a job after receiving her degree. 

“The undaunted undergrads” is an account of working through last-semester fears and getting the most out of the college experience.

It is only the third week of school and I am already struggling with senioritis. Even this column missed deadline. I just don’t want to learn anymore. If I weren’t so close to graduation, I would take a semester off.

At this point in my college career, I am so tired of learning about writing and communication that I don’t want to pursue a professional career in it anymore. I want to make a career out of watching Netflix and perusing Pinterest.

But alas, this is not a career I can find on Craigslist so I am forced to pay attention in class in order to get my degree. And that’s the whole point of this last semester, isn’t it?

Pass your classes. Because if we don’t it isn’t really the “last” semester.

So we must persevere in order to finish school.

I suggest finding someone in class who isn’t about to graduate to help you focus.

Pair up with someone who will motivate you. Or find other seniors who are in the same boat and push each other.

Grab your laptops and a six-pack to do homework together. Regardless of how you plan on handling your own senioritis, know you are not alone.

Senioritis is so common it is defined in  the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

And one look around some of the upper-division classes will reinforce its presence—glazed eyes, looks of boredom.

Seniors are physically there (or maybe not) but many are mentally absent.

But whatever you do, don’t slack off.

Don’t assume you can pass a class even if you procrastinate just because it worked in the past.

While this sort of classic conditioning has undoubtedly fooled us into thinking we can put off an assignment until the last minute and still get an A, it might not be the case this semester and it isn’t worth the risk.

But I am right there with you. And I am fully aware it will only get worse as the weather improves. So until grades are finalized and caps are thrown, let’s buckle down and overcome senioritis.

However begrudgingly we choose to go about it.

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Tasha Adams is the Managing Editor of The Arbiter. She is a senior Communication/English major with an emphasis in Humanities/ Rhetoric and a minor in Psychology. She is a grammar geek and word nerd with an unhealthy love for celebrity gossip. After graduation she hopes to move out of Idaho and explore the world a bit while beginning her "real world" journalism career. Follow her on twitter @adams_tasha.