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Hemingway inspired by women

Megan Riley / The Arbiter

The Special Events Center gallery is lined with pictures of various items including a bull, roses, scissors, a playing card, shotgun shells and a uterus. The art was done by twelve university faculty, staff and alumni with one vision in mind: Ernest Hemingway and women. This exhibit focuses on Hemingway and his relationship with women as well as his view of them. The first piece to start the line-up is an essay from Cort Conley entitled “Hemingway and Women.” In it, he details the purpose of the exhibit and gives a short background to Hemingway’s life. “Women, after all, shaped the writer’s life and art, and he was ever dependent on them,” Conley wrote. The reception for the exhibit was on Thursday, Jan. 31. Students and faculty showed up to enjoy some refreshments while admiring the portfolio. “I didn’t know much about Hemingway, but just studying from the brief history on the wall kind of gave an outline on his life and his works,” said Richard Abderhalben, freshman civil engineer major. “The pieces make a lot of sense and they’re very insightful.” While munching on grilled vegetables, artichoke dip and delicious lemonade, spectators took time to read about Hemingway’s life and ponder the depictions the artists put together. “I really enjoyed it. Hemingway is one of the more interesting authors,” said Ryan Gregg, junior political science major. “Knowing about his background and the role women played in it is interesting to see depicted in art. It invokes a lot of emotion.” The exhibit will be up until July 12 for passersby to admire and learn a little more about this Idahoan author. “I really like the one where Hemingway is a matador,” Gregg said. “I thought it was an interesting piece.” The matador is just one depiction of the twelve pieces displayed. “It seems a fair turnabout that three-quarters of the artists are women, free to portray him as they choose,” Conley wrote. The exhibit is also timed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Hemingway’s passing.

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