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Guilty Pleasure: Escaping with American Idol

With the start of a new term and a new year we are faced with the time old question: do I have time for one more episode? With the demands of classes and homework, the desire to procrastinate is strong. Students often turn to TV to take their minds off of all the information crammed in their brains during the school day.

American Idol has returned in all its vocal glory and with fresh judges. I wonder if I should resolve to fill my procrastination time following these stardom striving singers?

“I work part time and I also do athletic training part time and I go to school full time,” Clarissa Alexander, sophomore athletic training major said. “It’s a way to relax at the end of the day and it’s a fun show to watch.”

While I’m turning green with envy and breathing flames of jealousy over the gifts of these singers, some students said the talent and success of these contestants is what draws them to the show.

“A lot of these people go in not knowing if they’re talented,” Jesse Lloyd, freshman health science major, said. “They’re not very self-confident. Seeing their self-confidence rise overtime is pretty cool. This sounds cheesy but watching people’s dreams come true, that’s what I like.”

But what would American Idol be without some complications?

“With the harsh comments and stuff, it’s kind of intense,” Ashley Harrison, freshman elementary major said. “I think Niki Minaj is kind of harsh, at least based on the few times I’ve watched it.”

Alexander said she agreed that sometimes the judges get in the way of enjoying the talent the contestants display.

“I think the judges give an honest opinion,” she said. “Sometimes there’s too much small talk. Someone was joking the other day the show should be called Keith and Mariah’s small talk or something like that.”

The consensus between Alexander, Harrison and Lloyd is American Idol is an enjoyable contestant show. The talent draws you in, the success puts a warm fuzzy feeling in your tummy and you can forget about that English paper you have to write or those math problems you need to solve.

“After somebody finishes their performance seeing their emotions, they’re so excited and proud of themselves,” Harrison said. “I’m proud of them. I wouldn’t be able to do that. I personally never choose somebody (to root for) I just enjoy seeing everyone’s talents.”