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Unicorns and penguins riding zebras and art, oh my!; Campus Canvas explores the art of sophomore Shelby Moore

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Looking for a way to have your photos viewed, your poems and short stories read or your illustrations eyed? Campus Canvas, a new outlet for creatively inclined Broncos, is seeking submissions in the categories of poetry, photography, illustration and more. Prefer to think outside the box; Send us a photo of your non-traditional art including sculpture, graffiti, fashion design or anything artistic.

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Check out our latest Campus Canvas submission, a graphite illustration by Shelby Moore, sophomore English major minoring in art.

From penguins riding unicorns to serious portraits of her artistic inspiration, Moore has depicted a wide-ranging subject matter in her work.

“The feeling I can just get something out on paper, something inside of me that no one else can see until it’s there, is very therapeutic to me,” Moore said.

Art struck Moore’s interest at a young age, and by fourth grade she was entering art competitions. Her true push toward her relationship with art, however, was realized at the beginning of her high school career when a friend’s advice pushed her to pair her passion with art for her love of animals.

“When I started going into high school and I was kind of doing stuff with anime and was not happy with how it was turning out, a friend was telling me how I should draw some more of my dog since I was always doodling him, and so I did.”

Since then, Moore’s subject matter has thematically veered toward animals and landscapes. Aside from the advice of a friend, Moore’s motivation has come from within her own family.

While those in her immediate family do not share in her artistic talents, Moore said her mother serves as her inspiration in art still.

“My mom is an inspiration for me because she pushes me to do it,” Moore said. “She brags to everybody and puts my pictures on Facebook. People at her job have asked me to draw pictures. She keeps my busy.”

Graphite is Moore’s chosen medium, though she spends some time delving into other forms such as paint and charcoal.

Sculpture is the next form Moore said she hopes to begin experimenting with.

“I have been trying to get into the metal arts classes,” Moore said. “I want to do sculpture but it is also very expensive, which is nice with my graphite because I can just go get a pack of number two pencils and be good.”

Currently, Moore is working toward a degree in English, where her interests take life in her writing focused in horror, romance, vampires, telepathy and dreams. According to Moore, her ultimate goal would be to intertwine her art and writing
as a career.

“I would love to get in a gallery show or even do illustration for children’s books,” Moore said. “To do something with art and combine it with my writing, that is what I would hope to do.”

Currently, stepping outside of her comfort zone has led Moore to some of her more favorite pieces, including a portrait of her mother. The graphite-based drawing, which was modeled from a webcam image of her mother, took Moore nearly two-weeks, putting in two hours of work a day, before it was completed.

“I just wanted to challenge myself with drawing faces because people seem to be so much harder to draw,” Moore said. “I just thought, my mom is so pretty I should draw her.”

And not only does Moore enjoy drawing people, but she also finds solace in giving her art to people, as she has only kept one finished piece for herself.

“Most of my art is given to other people,” Moore said. “I draw for people.”

In high school Moore began drawing for other people. For her graduating class she drew many illustrations for friends including a brachiosaurus, a lion, cats, german shepherds and a Japanese river for a for a foreign exchange student. Currently Moore is working on a piece of her cousin’s three sons.

“In the background, because he is such a Boise State fan and graduated from Boise State, will be a Boise State Bronco.”

When contemplating the most bizarre illustration she has ever created, Moore said it was a toss up between a penguin riding a zebra and a penguin riding a unicorn. Her favorites, she said, were drawings of her mother, a castle and an anatomical heart.

“I have a passion for art and I just seek to draw the world and what I see through it even if it is a little different from what other people see in it,” Moore said.


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