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Try it with Tabby: Art for the 21 +

Bryan Talbot / The Arbiter

This week’s “Try it with Tabby” is for the 21+ crowd, as I tested the theory of alcohol’s ability to enhance creativity in the arts.

Paint’n’Sip is an art studio catering to adults which offers nightly acrylic painting classes paired with a beer and wine bar. By the glass or by the bottle, the booze and brush mixture is intended to ease any artistic anxiety allowing creativity, and spirits, to flow.

“Two years ago I was you guys,” said Jennifer Godoi, Paint’n’Sip owner. “I came in, never having painted before. I’m very math-science oriented and art was very out there for me.

I went into one of these places and painted a whole painting and thought it was the most fabulous thing in the whole world and I wanted to be able to do that for others.”

The two-hour class started with a trip to the small bar to pick my poison, suiting up with an apron and then picking a seat. Canvas and paint were provided, a palate of purples and green, as the nightly painting was dragonflies on a fading purple background.

Paintings change nightly and range from wine bottles and ocean landscapes to guitars and cherry blossoms.

Godoi, who previously had no experience in art, now creates new painting themes for class.

“We try and come up with at least two new paintings a month, so I’m always trying to play with one,” Godoi said.

As the class progressed and attendees became more comfortable in their painting and their communication with one another, topics of conversation drifted to sperm-shaped bugs and relationship statuses.

Occasional gallery walks allowed us to grab our wine and check out our classmates’ works, and our instructor encouraged us to sing along to the upbeat 80’s themed music.

It was clear, approaching the second hour of class, the alcohol element was adding to the atmosphere.

I even found myself stepping outside of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies at perfection to experiment with imperfection in my piece.

“We are fun for adults, we are 21 and over and everyone is like, ‘oh, do kids come.’ No, we are here for adults,” Godoi said. “The unique thing I think, is there are a lot of things out there for kids but not a lot for adults.”

While some concepts were a bit harder to grasp, such as how to effectively make a color drip roll down my painting and just how much “just a touch” of black paint actually is, my butcher paper (for mistakes) came in handy and my painting turned not looking like something a four-year-old could have finger painted.

By the end of the two-hour class I had my fill of red wine (designated driver was included) and walked away with a new piece of self-made art as well as a basic skill set in acrylic paints.

“We are a great girls night out, bachelorette party, we are great for sorority parties and if you come with a bunch of friends, we do private parties,” Godoi said. “So, if you come with a bunch of friends it is great, or you can always come with your boyfriend or significant other.”

For more information on Paint’n’Sip visit their website at

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