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Not such a guilty pleasure: Facebook games

Photo Courtesy Farmville

Guilty pleasures is a weekly series chronicling common and some not-so-common guilty pleasures of Boise State students. 

I am a recovering Facebook game addict. I used to spend hours logged in playing Farmville. I hid the symptoms, making sure to keep my wall clear of claimed prizes and growth updates. It was my guilty pleasure. I knew I wasn’t alone.

However, according to Boise State students, I was wrong. Only one of the five students interviewed admitted to playing Facebook games.

Brady Mesenbrink, freshman computer science major, said he plays Ruzzle everyday with his friends on Facebook, but he is not an addict.

“I’m not big on Facebook,” Mesenbrink said. “I don’t even make posts on it. I just use it to look at friend’s stuff usually.”

While I am alone in my addiction, students said my choice of poison is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Of these students interviewed, all agreed there is nothing to be ashamed or guilty of playing Facebook games.

Senami Hodonu, senior mechanical engineering major, said he has tried playing Facebook games, but no longer is a part of that community.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it,” Hodonu said. “I just think I’ve never really given it a chance.”

Hodonou did confide he had found himself to facebook, signing in without really meaning to, but now that problem has passed.

My search for accompaniment in my prior Facebook game addiction yielded a worrisome new addiction. Sawan Sulaiman, freshman entrepreneurial major, confided it wasn’t Facebook games she wasn’t addicted to, but Twitter.

“Facebook, I just log in, check whatever, then log out. That’s it,” Suliman said. “For me, I find that I’m more into Twitter.”

Is Twitter the new online drug of choice for college students? Or is it Pinterist? Instagram? Stick around for the next campus guilty pleasure spill.