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Mountain West to split into two divisions

It’s been established that Boise State will head back to the Mountain West despite a brief agreement to move to the Big East starting this season, but now things become interesting for the west coast-based

Tuesday afternoon, after the winter meetings that took place in Denver, Colo., the league announced football will be split into two divisions: the Mountain Division and the West Division.

For Boise State, it takes its talents to the Mountain Division, along with Air Force, Colorado State, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah State.

The West Division will be comprised of San Diego State, Nevada, Fresno State, Hawai’i, San Jose State and UNLV. These divisions are most closely related to respective time zones.

Before Boise State fans begin to sigh over the division opponents, all schools will play each school in their division once and also have three inter-conference games which will rotate

The rotation of the inter-conference games will be randomly selected by a computer.

Here’s the more intriguing part of the separate divisions: a Mountain West title game will be played between the division winners on  Dec. 7, 2013 on the home turf of the school with the highest BCS ranking. Now there’s an incentive if I’ve ever seen one.

Last season, Boise State took home the Mountain West title in a three way split with San Diego State and
Fresno State.

However, the Broncos were the highest-ranked BCS team from the Mountain West at No.19. Make of it what you would like.

While football will have a change in landscape in the conference, the conference has said the men’s basketball format it currently has will remain
the same.

Teams will play 18 conference games, which include eight home-and-home games and a two- game rotation between the remaining opponents in the conference.

The conference voted in favor of this rather than expanded conference games due to the fact that non-conference games tend to boost the conference’s ratings percentage index (RPI).

This addition of divisions gives the conference more legitimacy in an effort to separate itself amongst the others in the Group of Five — Big East, Conference USA, Sun Belt and MAC—and follow suit with what the more notable conferences have been doing for years and can prove to be a workable outline for the conference in the foreseeable future.

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