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Fresh Perspectives: Learning to stay motivated

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

School is back in session, and I am nowhere near ready to enter back.

It’s sort of like August all over again, but without the soul-clenching fear and excitement that accompanies leaving for college for the first time, and a little more experience in being a student.

The main difference from August, however, is that rather than already being excited about leaving for a brand new school experience, I need to sort of psych myself up to get back to work.

To do that, I’ve mostly been ignoring the fact that it’s coming up, but now that it’s become inevitable, I’ve taken to focusing on what has become my beacon in university studies: literature. It’s something to look forward to which I also enjoy.

I never realized how much I would miss literature until it wasn’t a part of my curriculum any longer, and once it was gone I felt a hole in my heart much like the one a person might feel when they’re away from their family. So rather than freaking out about school coming my way, I’ve chosen to focus on how I’ll finally be reunited with my one true love in this world: analytically reading literature.

Which, I’ve been told is super weird, but given that I am completely baffled by people who actually enjoy spending time doing pages and pages of math, I think my love of literature is just fine.

In any case, the point remains that the only thing keeping me from pulling my hair out in chunks is the promise of getting back to class to start dissecting literature and examining it under an academic microscope before placing it delicately next to my own bookshelf.

I assume most people have some sort of dear subject in school they focus on, be it a certain class they’re especially excited about (like me), or seeing friends again, or even if it’s just not being around their parents, we all need a little something to look forward to in order to get ready for the post-winter, end-of-hibernation semester.

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