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Students travel for winter break

Courtesy Cher Wada Koenig

While some students traveled to far and exotic locations over the break, a lot more used the time to catch up with family, friends and responsibilities.

Junior political science major, Jayson Vial traveled to Carmel, Ind. for his Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity’s annual conference. According to Jayson, their president’s academy enjoyed all the amenities at an amazing Renaissance hotel.

“The president’s academy is basically to train all the presidents that are going to take over the fraternity,” Vial said. “The main point of it is that a fraternity should be so much more to the men who join it. We’re not just little boys anymore in a high school gang; we are men trying to accomplish better things.”

Although Vial seemed delighted about touring his fraternity’s national headquarters, he said his favorite part was bringing the excitement back with him to campus for the upcoming year.

Others students, such as Denny Spinks, a senior communication major, had other things in store for their break.

“I went down to Sacramento and picked up my mom and then went down to the Los Angeles area,” Spinks said.

Spinks had originally planned the California trip on behalf of his father, but ended up being there for bereavement support, since he lost his aunt on Christmas Eve.

“I took my dad down to UC Davis Medical Center for some tests that needed to be completed in order for him to get ready for a kidney transplant,” he said.

Spinks, who made the stressful drive with his dog Stroh, discussed how stressful the drive was and described the road conditions in further detail.

“It started to snow the morning I left (Boise) but the roads were clear until Oregon where it was just a sheet of ice,” he said. “Once I hit Nevada it was clear again until I got to Donner’s Summit (just outside of Reno). The roads were pretty icy going over the summit, but the weather was nice once you got into Sacramento.”

Although Spinks made it there in one piece, apparently the way back was almost a different story.

“It was terrible the whole way. It was snow and ice and you could only go over the pass if you had chains or four wheel drive. It was definitely white-knuckle driving,” said Spinks, who is also the general manager of the Pulse.

Another student described her trip’s driving conditions as “smooth.” General business senior Emily Radford, had a more relaxing break from school.

“Over the break I went to Idaho Falls. My fiancé’s family lives there, so we just went to visit them,” Radford said.

Radford described her trip as pretty low key, but said they did manage to have some fun.

“There was a ton of snow there, so we took my son sledding up at the country club. And my fiancé’s parents have horses so my son would go out and feed the horses most of the time,” she said.