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Student creates community art opportunity

Alx Stickel / The Arbiter

Noticing a lack of student-tailored art opportunities, senior print making major Erika Sather-Smith took initiative to remedy the situation. With a desire to incorporate student representation in Boise 150, a celebration of Boise’s 150th year, Sather-Smith created a recurring First Thursday art opportunity for

“I noticed in my time at Boise State and being involved with the department of arts and history that students don’t ever engage with the Boise department of arts and history not because the opportunities aren’t there but because of time constraints or just not really knowing they can apply for the opportunities,” Sather-Smith said.

Sather-Smith teamed up with the Sesqui-Shop in downtown to provide a photo booth space for student art. First Thursday experiencers can pose in photos that will compile Boise 150 digital archives commemorating this historic year.

Students have the option to submit their ideas once a month for every First Thursday starting March and ending in December.

Sather-Smith said she encourages students to either individually or collaboratively submit a proposal and fill the 6 ft. by 9 ft. space in the Sesqui-Shop.

“I really want students to apply and not be afraid of submitting their work,” Sather-Smith said. “Any work will be considered. The only requirement is the entire space be covered. I know it can be kind of scary, but I’m here to help and will keep in contact.”

Sather-Smith also wants to emphasize the rolling deadline: every month there will be a new deadline for students to apply for displaying their work for First Thursday (if students miss a month they can apply for another month). Sather-Smith said she hopes this opportunity is conducive for students gaining experience as artists and getting their art out to the community.

“It is a concern of mine that the Boise State art students are so uninvolved with the community,” Sather-Smith said. “A lot of times I think it is just the fact that it is hard to do that and go to school. The opportunities that are out there are kind of not really tailored to students, so the idea is to create an opportunity that is hopefully tailored to students and can be easily balanced with also going to school.”

Taken directly from her Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition last semester, Sather-Smith’s work will be displayed for February’s First Thursday. Sather-Smith will fill the space with her 3-D screen printed hexagonal pyramids from her piece “Chooser.”