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Safe Haven book review

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Courtesy Paige Eaglestone

Senior English major Paige Eaglestone writes, writes and writes. With this emphasis she has sharpened her reading skills to review characters, plot turns and themes better than cliff notes.

The word runaway connotes danger, excitement, and often fearlessness. A person who is a runaway is considered to be a rebel, an adventurer, for they have left their old life behind to begin a completely new life.

Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks follows the journey of one runaway, Katie Feldman, a fearful, world-weary young woman who finds refuge in Southport, North Carolina.

For Katie, being a runaway means quite the opposite of its connotations.

Her life and the recount of it is “safe,” it is slow moving and consists of humdrum

The mere mention of detailing chores and work experiences is enough to make a reader yawn in boredom.

Sparks’ tactics in drawing the reader in by initiating attachments after establishing detachment are shaky at best. Katie remains guarded and cold for the first quarter of the narrative, her walls are concrete and she is content with her lackluster new life.

The story lethargically drags on during this section.

However, the story escalates in momentum over time, as Katie grows attached to her “Safe Haven,” Southport, and its residents.

Initially, Katie’s neighbor, Jo, is the first to truly interact
with her.

Her character instills a familiar warm ambiance which will reasonate with readers.

Character Alex is the ideal southern gentleman. A widower and a father, he is directly represented as having a kind, patient demeanor.

He becomes almost un-relatable, seemingly possessing no faults, unlike Katie, whose weaknesses and strengths are detailed and accounted for.

Yet, her transformation, physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the narrative is quite remarkable. She becomes a strong protagonist in her own right, is depicted as “perfectly radiant” and is often united with the beautiful scenery that Sparks illustrates.

The reader is easily able to see her come of age as she focuses on the present and the person she has become, rather than her past self and the mistakes which once haunted her. Sparks places emphasis on the importance of strong relationships, hinting growth in friendships directly correlates with personal growth.

But with each redundancy in the storyline, a sense of normalcy is established and Sparks instills certain limitations and expectations on his characters.

Nonetheless, Sparks has crafted himself quite the

This novel has all the customary components of a Nicholas Sparks story; strong characters, romance and grief, in an unforced sinuous

If you happen to have some time on your hands and are looking for a complaisant escape, look no further than
Safe Haven.