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Calling all artists and writers: Campus Canvas first submission and artist bio

Alex Stickel / The Arbiter

About Campus Canvas:

Looking for a way to have your photos viewed, your poems and short stories read or your illustrations eyed? Campus Canvas, a new outlet for creatively inclined Broncos, is seeking submissions in the categories of poetry, photography, illustration and more. Prefer to think outside the box; Send us a photo of your non-traditional art including sculpture, graffiti, fashion design or anything artistic.

Art and writing submissions will be reviewed by the editorial staff and if your piece is chosen, your work will be featured in the print edition of The Arbiter along with an artist bio. Please send submissions or questions/comments about Campus Canvas to

Check out our first Campus Canvas submission, a poem entitled “My Jewel” by sophomore Andrew Jenkins.

Artist Bio:

Andrew Jenkins is a sophomore double majoring in English with an emphasis in writing and political science with an emphasis in public law and political philosophy. While he, as a student, is interested in delving into all types of writing in an attempt to gain writing experience for law school, Jenkins said his love of poetry spreads outside of the confines of the classroom.

“I do a little outside of school on long breaks,” Jenkins said. “I write about anything I think of or feel at the moment.”

A creative writing class in high school initially sparked Jenkins’ interest in poetry, where he was introduced to arguably one of his favorite poets, Paul Dunbar. In class, Jenkins was tasked to memorize and recite Dunbar’s “The Mask.”

“He (Dunbar) talked a lot about hardships people went through,” Jenkins said. “The Mask was actually about the enslavement of black people and how they had to hide the pain behind the mask they wore and it was really, not to sound cliché, but it was really
touching stuff.”

Jenkins’ Campus Canvas submission, “My Jewel,” was written on a whim for his girlfriend after his other attempts to cheer her up fell flat.

“My girlfriend was having a bad day and her middle name is jewel,” Jenkins said. “None of the regular stuff I usually do would cheer her up, so when I went home I sat down and was listening to some music and I wrote that, showed it to her, and it made her day better.”


Featured work:

My Jewel

by: Andrew Jenkins

She makes me smile,

When the days are long,

She lets me think I am right,

Even when I am wrong,

I would give anything,

To hold her tight,

I want to be with her,

Through this cold harsh night,

To take her away from me,

Now that would be cruel,

For you wouldn’t be taking just anything away,

You would be taking away my jewel.

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