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Try it with Tabby: Semester recap

Zach Chastaine / The Arbiter

For the past few months, “Try it with Tabby” has taken me from stripper poles and Lindy Hop classes to ceramic painting and my very first Boise State tailgating experience. For the end of semester, here is a look back at all of the excitement, embarrassment and downright fun I had with “Try it with Tabby” over the course of the semester. Below are my top four experiences.

#4: The burger challenge

Despite the week-long stomache following the Big Judds burger challenge, sitting down with current Miss Boise, Kacie Ann Bitzenburg, to take on the beast of a burger still ranks in at number four. Miss Boise summed the monstrosity up accurately when she said, “I feel like when I breathe grease just drips out. I am crying it hurts so bad. My stomach is seriously not happy. Part of my soul just died with the burger.”

#3: Breakdancing

While this one started out a little shaky, and fully highlighted my awkwardness when it comes to attempting any sort of dance, especially one which involves a certain amount of swag, I came out having learned a new lesson in stamina from Brittany Hernandez, Boise State breakdancing club vice president.

“It is fun and it is not intimidating, I promise,” Hernandez said. “It is hard work and I think it could have a positive impact on students. It will help them focus more on their studies because the moves that you have to do, you just cant do it in one go, you have to focus to master a move. Same goes with studies, you have to master how to concentrate.”

#2: The tale of the two
left feet

Possibly one of the most humiliating “Try it with Tabby” experiences, especially after forgetting every single dance moves that I had only 30-minutes earlier seemed to have mastered. Best quote from the story to summarize the class, “The problem about fun is once I start enjoying myself, the memorization part of my brain shuts down. About 25 minutes in, my step, step triple step turned to spin, spin triple spin.”

#1. Conquering the pole

Pole dancing, at first thought, intimidated me. But once I got into the studio and the music started playing, letting go of inhibitions for a solid hour was more than exhilarating. Allison Holley, pole-dancing instructor at Ophidia Studio explained the process of getting over the initial intimidation.

“It is an incredibly female-friendly supportive environment,” Holley said. “We want everyone to feel really comfortable, so regardless of what their experience level is. Getting through the door can be the hardest part and once you’re in it’s not at all what you would expect, but it is really fun.”

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