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New Student-Only Classified Listing

A few weeks ago Student Media quietly launched a classified ad listing website currently called Arbiterlist, found at

This new website created exclusively for Boise State students, was developed internally by the Student Media IT department. The resource is free. All a student needs to get started is current BroncoWeb credentials.

Brad Arendt, director of Student Media, believes the website will create a sense of community because it exclusively connects students together.

The website was envisioned partly due to the drop in demand for printed classified ads in The Arbiter.

“We didn’t have a very legitimate classifieds section anymore (and) we’re competing with Craigslist. There’s no point for us to continue (print classifieds), and this was our alternative,” said Kirsten Atkinson, business manager of
Student Media.

Moreover, Arbiterlist was also created to be a safer resource for students to have available compared to websites such as Craigslist by ensuring the legitimacy of the person on the other side as a student. Craigslist can be a potentially dangerous resource and a student-only website protects this segment of the student population better.

Sophie Rattray, a first-year kinesiology graduate student, said in an email, “The main reason I chose this website is because since it is affiliated with Boise State I assumed there would be less scams than using Craigslist.”

However, Rattray is disappointed her ad hasn’t generated any responses, and believes this is due to a lack of promotion.

“I don’t feel the student population of Boise State is fully aware of this website yet,” Rattray said.

Rattray does find the featured listing option present at the top of the website helpful though, which is available at a cost of one

Another helpful feature of the website is it shows how many views have been on your ad .

“(The view number) eliminates wondering if people have seen it and can help you determine for next time if you want to put it on the featured list based off your viewings,” Rattray said.

When asked about Student Media’s marketing efforts, Atkinson said there has been a soft marketing launch primarily because the website is still in its
trial stage.

“When people come into it and find there are any bugs, that can be addressed a little bit quicker and it won’t be such an issue. There won’t be so many people affected by it,” Atkinson said.

An aggressive push of Arbiterlist is expected to come this spring semester.

“We’re hoping to allow this to be a place for textbooks, and roommates and more of those student-related classified ads,” Atkinson said.