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Too much cheer

Patrick Sweeney / The Arbiter

Winter has finally decided to grace us with her presence, if the 2 millimeters of snow that gathered Sunday morning is any indication. And if the snow wasn’t convincing enough, try taking a look around campus—you can’t go anywhere without running into garlands or Christmas trees. There are windows painted with the snow we wish we had, and baubles painted in the windowsills of the Starbucks. Even the library isn’t free from the cheer boasting a quirky tree made of books and a parrot tree-topper. All these symbols of winter are enough for anyone to turn full-on Grinch.

There’s nothing wrong with being a Grinch. Some people just don’t have enough cheer left over after the year is done to handle all the holiday songs and movies, especially with finals hovering just around the corner. It’s all very understandable, especially when the exceptionally high level of cheer that surrounds the holiday season.

The immediate question most non-Grinches have about Grinchitude is “why so much humbug?”

It is very simple:

“I just hate how (Christmas music is) the same thing over and over, but with a different rhythm and beat. They try to make it all fancy, but it’s just the same thing over and over,” freshman Samantha Peña said.

After a while, remaking the same four songs to fit the pop music of the time can get annoying. After all, how many different versions of “Jingle Bells” do we really need? Or even the more popular “Baby, It’s Cold Outside?” Do we really need (or even want) Katy Perry or Justin Bieber to cover any Christmas song? Probably not.

But what about our loyal and trusted movies? What of watching a little boy get stuck to a cold pole by his tongue in A Christmas Story, or a Christmas gone horribly, hilariously wrong in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation? The ones we watch while cuddled up under blankets with hot chocolate and candy canes, casually putting cold feet on family members or significant others.

“Certain ones are classic, like Charlie Brown Christmas, but we watch Elf every year and it’s really a stupid movie,” said freshman Rhett Leroy.

Again, the repetition is what ruins the season. We’ve all experienced watching a movie one too many times, and sometimes it can ruin an entire genre.

Grinchiness, it seems, is born of one too many songs and movies and just too much holiday spirit.

However, just because a Grinch doesn’t enjoy the obnoxious music and movies doesn’t mean he or she hates the holidays altogether.

“I love wrapping presents and shopping in general for Christmas. I love going around and seeing the Christmas lights for people who go all out.” Peña said.

It’s just the overtly cheesy and cheery songs and movies that really get her goat.

For Leroy the real joy of Christmas is like something out of one of those cheesy, but lovable movies, “it’s just good to have family.” He said.

So, Grinch on. While some may push you into kitchens that smell of baking cookies, or force you to sit through hours of torturously cheery music, or even through the dreaded ABC Family Christmas movie special, know in your heart that the holiday season may contain these repetitive and dramatic entertainments, but you are not obligated to enjoy them.

Bask in your Grinchiness. Perhaps one day, you’ll even steal Christmas.


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Zoe is a freshman Communications major who spends far too much time holed up in her room watching movies. She hopes to someday be an entertainment journalist.