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Timmy Global Health inspires students

Photo Courtesy MCT Campus Wire Service

Some clubs focus on card games while others emphasize sports, an emerging chapter at Boise State is focusing on the greater good of global health.  Timmy Global Health is an organization created to provide medical assistance and healthcare services to low-income communities throughout the world. Founded in 1997 by Dr. Chuck Dietzen Founder and President of Timmy Global Health, Timmy Global Health empowers students and volunteers to be aware of humanitarian values and influences students to lend a hand in developing countries around the world.

“We were not all born to be doctors and nurses, but we were all born to be healers,”
Dietzen said.

Timmy Global Health has 18 college chapters around the country and is now beginning a chapter at Boise State University. This emerging chapter is head by juniors Cammile Stover and Ryan Carfi. Stover is a respitory major and Carfi is biology major with an emphasis in human anatomy

“Timmy gives students the opportunity to be hands on and experience the workings of rural medicine,”
Stover said.

Meeting once a month, Carfi and Stover are working together to fundraise and recruit medical doctors, nurses and physicians to accompany them on their trip to the Dominican Republic on Jan. 12-13. This trip will benefit local banana farming communities with their health and any medical
issues. Carfi knew he wanted to become a doctor when he found his passion for
helping people.

“I want to know the feeling of actually making someone’s life better,”
Carfi said.

Timmy Global Health will be having a fundraiser at Blue Cow Monday, Dec. 17 from 6 to 10 p.m.

A percentage goes towards the Dominican Republic trip and Timmy Global Health.