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Decorating on a Budget

Jake Essman / The Arbiter

Being poor college students, sometimes it’s hard to get into the spirit of Christmas with little money in the bank account to put toward decorating. With the semester coming to a close, holiday cheer can give you just what you need to brighten your end of semester gloom, and it doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here are some cheap ideas to fill your apartment, dorm room, studio, or wherever you call home.

  1. Chop down a tree.  Embrace your inner lumberjack. It’s free and a fun way to get out and enjoy the winter air with friends.
  2. Make a homemade wreath. Use greenery from outside or red and green cloth tied together with whatever you can find: string, fishing line, etc.
  3. Put ribbons everywhere.  Ribbon spools are usually around $4.00 at any craft store, Wal Mart or Target. One spool can go a long way. Tie red and green ribbons around your tree, put them on the back of your dining room table chairs, tie them around handles in the kitchen.
  4. Make felt stockings.  Cut felt fabric pieces in the shape of a stocking and sew it together with festive yarn.
  5. Dip Pinecones in gold paint. Add glitter to make them sparkle and display them in a glass bowl or all around.
  6. Light Candles. Believe it or not, candles put anyone in the Christmas mood.
  7. Make a Christmas countdown chain. Using Christmas wrapping paper, cut out pieces to make a chain that you tear a piece off of every day to count down the days.
  8. Display cranberries and greenery. Simply putting a handful of cranberries with some greenery in a bowl will bring a feeling of antique Christmas decorating.
  9. Spray paint dry branches from your yard. Using gold or silver spray paint, display branches with cranberry and greenery displays or by themselves.
  10. Hang strings of ornaments. They’re not just for a Christmas tree, and they look good clustered up around any area, hanging or laying.
  11. Put up a Facebook status. If you’re truly desperate, ask if anyone has any spare decorations to share. You’ll probably be surprised how many things you can collect.
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