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A man inspired to succeed

When Curt Hecker sprained his ankle in an all-star game between the north-south of California, he encountered his biggest fear: failure. With an athletic scholarship to play football at Boise State University, Hecker found himself in an unfamiliar place. Never had Hecker been injured in football, and now, for the first time, he was held back from his potential.

“I wondered if I was really cutout for this,” Hecker said.

Not knowing whether to quit or play through his struggles, Hecker consulted with his father. His father’s advice urged him to make a decision and stick with it. Upon classes starting and football season in full swing, Hecker dug deep and pressed on. Pushing through the pain, Hecker found out how strong he could really be.

Strength was an attribute, which he inherited from his father, a strict man with a deep sense of caring and loyalty. Born in Van Huis, Calif. and attending high school in Bret Harte High in Angels Camp, Calif., Hecker played football and was recognized as recruit material. Six different colleges were looking at Hecker. After visiting Boise State, he was sold.

From the supportive football community to the impressive business and economics program Boise State offers, his college years looked bright. After graduating high school, Hecker went through one of the hardest times of his life, an injury.

Hecker persevered through adversity and climbed the depth chart from 13 to third string as a freshman running back.  When his sophomore year came along, Hecker moved to inside linebacker and it was that year which the Broncos won the
Camellia Bowl.

Playing through his senior year as a linebacker and earning his degree in business management, Hecker graduated in 1984. Though he wanted to start an athletic club and become an entrepreneur, advice from his father guided Hecker to work
to A humble Hecker landed his first job at Idaho First National Bank in downtown Boise; he was on his way to the top.

“You don’t know business till you run a business,” Hecker’s father said.

Hecker’s father’s words of wisdom again guided hi to President of CEO of the Intermountain Community Bancorp (IMCB) and President of Panhandle State Bank. Due to the heavy regulations of the banking industry, Hecker’s workdays encompass everything from making financial reports to supervising employees to ensure the best customer service.

IMBC includes many holding companies in a number of towns and cities. Hecker goes to great lengths to be involved economically foster growth in each community. Hecker’s authority does not end there; he holds a seat ion the Coldwater Creek board of directors and also on the board for the Pacific Coast Bankers’ Bank in San Francisco. As one might imagine, Hecker is constantly traveling around Idaho and Washington.

When Hecker is not hard at work, he spends time with his wife ad children, Barbara, Chad and Cody. Currently he has been chasing his youngest son around whom is playing football at Eastern Washington University.

Staying true to the athlete within, Hecker often plays handball with a group of friends. Among those men, is retired quarterback for the Denver Broncos, Jake Plummer.  He water skis every morning before work off his riverfront home in Sandpoint, Idaho. When summer turns to winter, he climbs mountains in north Idaho on his snowmobile and hits the slopes at Schweitzer Mountain Resort.

Hecker understands how to work hard and play hard.  Thanks to his father, Hecker was pushed to succeed. Moreover, he was taught to the qualities of humility and perseverance. The Boise State Alumnus is now a role model to his family and is involved in their lives.


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Cody Finney was born and raised in Sandpoint, Idaho. Currently Junior at Boise State University majoring in Communication, Finney strives be accurate in all aspects of his life. Inspired by photography, he wants to one day shoot for a Transworld snowboarding.
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