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Take your pick: Student comments help choose a permanant SUB fixture

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

There are three finalists for the Bay Window Public Art Project who are competing for a chance to have their art displayed permanently in the Student Union Building (SUB). These bay windows, upstairs in the SUB, were formerly exterior windows and are now being used to display art created by a Boise State student or alumni.

Artists submitted their first art proposals on Oct. 22 and three were chosen from the submissions. On Nov. 27 mock-up displays of the finalists’ art were put up in the SUB atrium for anyone to comment on. They will be up for viewing until Wednesday, Dec. 12. Anyone is allowed to comment and the final decision will be based partially on these comments.

“I believe wholeheartedly in getting student input,” said Holly Gilchrist, fine arts manager. “They should have a powerful voice in determining which is chosen.”

As of Thursday there were 87 comments placed in the display boxes—55 were from students.

The three finalists are Goran Fazil, a Boise State alumnus, Eli Craven, a Boise State alumnus and employee and Miles Schlagel, a Boise State alumnus and non-degree seeking graduate student.

After the scale models are taken down, an art advisory board will review the submissions and the final artist proposal will be chosen on Friday, Dec. 14. The board, consisting of students, community members and members of the university community will choose based on the artists’ final application, the accommodation of previous feedback given by the board, their budget and criteria given in the information packet.

“The board believes if any were chosen they could get the job done and any of them would look great in the space,” Gilchrist said.

Students, faculty and community members are encouraged to put in their comments.

“Community members are as valuable as those with art degrees,” Gilchrist said. “It’s an important voice to be heard.”

Once the final artist is notified, they will have until April 15 to complete their project and have it installed in the bay window. Following, there will be an informal reception on April 25 by the bay window to recognize the artist.

Anyone wishing to comment can submit their comments until Wednesday, Dec. 12 in the SUB atrium or comment on the Boise State fine arts Facebook page, However, Facebook comments are not weighted as heavily as those entered in the SUB.

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