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New logo lacks student involvement

Bryan Talbot / The Arbiter

In a reinvention of the university’s image, our logo was re-designed from the eerily corporate diamond to an edgier, sportier italicized “B.” Not to dis the new logo, because it certainly is very attractive and looks better, but the re-design could have easily been created by a student, allowing the school to involve the student body more fully and directly.

“There’s two very opposite paradigms that I see when it comes to graphic design.” said freshman business major Austin Loomis. “There’s local paradigms, where it’s special because you can say ‘my buddy made it,’ and you’re wearing it or using (the logo) because you know the person who made it and that makes it relevant to you. And then there’s also the huge corporation paradigm, where we’re talking BSU spends a ton of money on football, where they want to connect the university to football and Nike.”

It’s not inherently bad the university should want to connect itself with Nike, because our football team is gaining more and more recognition. So it’s totally OK and it makes sense that they would want to forge a more visible connection.

Loomis suggested an interesting compromise. One that maintains the connection to Nike while also allowing students to become more invested and involved.

“What would’ve been cool is if Nike had hired a BSU student as an intern to design the new logo,” Loomis said.

Freshman Andee Peña has mixed feelings about the new logo.

“I like the B, I think it’s really modern, but personally, I’d rather have ‘Boise State.’ I like the full name of the school,” she said.

Peña does feel that if the new logo had been designed by a student, she would find it an easier pill to swallow.

“If it was a student, I’d probably support it more knowing that a student had created such a unique logo. But thinking it’s just one of those things where you want something to be the new in thing, kind of makes me a little hesitant about it,” she said.

Although the new logo is an attractive update, the lack of student involvement in the project is disappointing. We are a part of the university, and we deserve to be involved in the changes made at our school.

“If Boise State University wants to make a logo, start with the university,” Loomis said.

The way our school uses its image to represent itself should be connected more deeply to us—the students— than just by association.

We should be able to look at a logo, the football team, any number of people or things that represent the school and take pride in knowing that the creators are a part of this university.

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