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Buckin-A: Better late than never

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

The odds are you wouldn’t call someone a “nigger,” anymore because nobody wants to be labelled a racist, but we still have the term “faggot,” floating around, which is used the same way as nigger. We also treat the people we call faggots badly in our society.

Words are powerful and in terms of legislation they have a real-world impact.

A new city ordinance is a tiny change to Boise law, which would extend the same protections from discrimination—which we all enjoy—to everyone, not just straight people.

It has been a long overdue and with Boise State being well-situated within the ordinance’s jurisdiction we can be happy our city is finally getting on the human rights bandwagon and that our classmates are also protected under the ordinance.

You should not be able to fire a person from their job, evict them from their apartment or deny them service for being gay, and you are a dinosaur if you think otherwise. The times have changed, and in the United States, we take care of all Americans, not just the straight ones, the white ones and the ones who attend the same church.

Some of those gay, lesbian, bi and transgender people who the ordinance applies to are students. And they are people just like any other person.

It is disgraceful we have been unable to afford them basic anti-discrimination protection until now.

Better late than never.

We aren’t even talking about the right to get married. We are still working for basic protection for the citizens of our state against discrimination. Before this ordinance was passed, you could fire someone because they “looked gay.”

Legislators have fought against this law extending to state-wide protection before. If they can’t afford everyone equal protection in this state, then they are no friend of the student body.

If we can’t trust them to protect all students, then we do not need them in office.

The people who have been pushing for this ordinance had to be brave to fight for something so simple.

If supporting people in their efforts to gain the same protection which I enjoy under the law makes me a radical left-wing crazy who will burn in Hell, then I am ready to fry.


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