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Broncos fall to Eagles on night of Title IX anniversary

Patrick Sweeney / The Arbiter

When the Boise State Women’s Basketball team took on the Eastern Washington Eagles on Dec. 7, it marked the 40th anniversary of Title IX being put into place.

Title IX, in short, is non-discrimination in educational institutions regardless of sex.

Many people get the misconception that Title IX is just used in athletics; but it also means non-discrimination when it comes to academics, jobs on campus or anything else to do with universities in general.

The passing of Title IX marked a turning point in the history of athletics, especially when it came to women’s sports. It also requires a university to give out the same amount of women scholarships as they do men.

“It’s very important to me. I probably wouldn’t get the opportunity I have here at Boise State without it … I feel really blessed that me and my teammates have been able to get a scholarship to play and represent Boise State,” said junior guard Diana Lee on what Title IX means to her.

“The opportunities that we now have because of (Title IX); this is my life, this is what is getting me through college, this is what is getting me these amazing coaches, friends and experiences that I wouldn’t have without it,” said senior forward Lauren Lenhardt.

At half time during Friday’s game at Taco Bell Arena, there was a video being played on the big video screen that included women faculty and past women athletes of Boise State talking about how Title IX positively changed their lives.

After the video was played, past Boise State women athletes were recognized ranging from 1970s women’s basketball players to 2000s women’s volleyball players.

Unfortunately for the women’s basketball team, they were unable to come out of the game with a victory against the Eastern Washington Eagles on this day of celebration.

The Broncos were playing behind from the start of the game and were never able to recover. The Bronco defense wasn’t playing the strongest defense, but what is more important to look at is how lights-out the Eastern Washington Eagles were shooting: 42.9 percent on 3-point attempts.

“We have those slow starts and every time we’ve had that we just cannot get ourselves out of it quick enough. We did ourselves in such a hole and we comeback again but once you’re down 20 points, it’s a hard way to go,” Lenhardt said.

When all hope seemed to be lost, the Broncos began making a comeback late in the second half. But there were too many points to make up for and not enough time.

The Broncos lost to the Eagles, 63-74. Lenhardt led the team with 18 points and 11 rebounds.

Nearing Mountain West Conference games, the Broncos are determined to  keep their heads up.

“Our goal has always been to win the conference, but we have to take it game-by-game. Every team is really tough in there (Mountain West) so we know we got our wok cut out for us, but we are ready to do the work,” Lee said.

The Broncos are now 5-4 on the season and after a 4-1 start to the season, the women have lost the last three of their
four games.

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