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Students blow up First Thursday with art

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Students from Boise State and University of Applied Arts and Sciences in Hildesheim, Germany (HAWK) have created representations of architecture from each location and will present this art at First Thursday.

“The exhibit is basically this international collaboration between BSU and HAWK in Hildesheim, Germany, with the focus being architecture as a source for two-dimensional and three-dimensional type design,” John Francis, associate graphic design professor, said.

Francis’ graphic design students created typefaces from photos of Hildesheim’s buildings then gave those typefaces to assistant sculptor professor Ryan Mandell’s students for 3-D art productions. HAWK students have provided videos and banners of their creations of Boise’s architecture.

“I thought it would be a really good cultural exchange kind of project to contact this university in Germany and see if there might be a couple of professors that would be interested in doing a project,” Francis said. “It turned out there were and they wanted to not only include graphic design but sculpture and lighting design.”

The opening of this exhibition will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. in the Boise City National Bank Building under the Fork restaurant Thursday.

 “Cross Creative” 

In the words of assistant sculpting professor Ryan Mandell, students are giving two and three-dimensional identity to four not-for-profit local businesses.

Students will open “Cross Creative” representing real world experience for graphic design and sculpture students Thursday.

Mandell said the goal for his students was to get experience with creating fine art with a functional purpose, in this case for a client.

“I thought it was interesting to get them involved with graphic designers and to be working for clients and to be making these things that would be going out into the real world and serve some kind of functional purpose for a client which is a really uncommon thing in a fine arts context,” Mandell said. “That was what I thought was valuable about the project for my students. For the clients it ends up providing them with a service they couldn’t otherwise afford since they are an up-and-coming not-for-profit business.”

Students of Mandell and adjunct graphic design professor Glenn Rummler will display professional creations including business cards, letterheads, portable stages and a 3-D business mascot appropriate for their particular client.

The exhibition is from 6 to 9 p.m. on the second floor of The Press on 9 street.

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