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Fresh Perspectives: Locked Away in a Tower

“Oh, I’m sorry,” was the top response I got from anyone I talked to about living in Towers. I can kind of see what they mean—it’s around a 15 minute walk to the SUB and most days I just starve because 15 minutes is just too long. I have short legs, and they get tired easily. Like a corgi’s.

But aside from the distance, I’m not really sure why anyone would be sorry for me. Towers is honestly a pretty good place to live. Sure, it’s all freshmen, but being a freshman myself, there’s really no room for me to complain.

People can be obnoxious, but it’s not like Towers is any more obnoxious than any other freshman hall and the atmosphere of living in a small, circular group is fairly familial. And yeah, like a family, there have been days where I’ve absolutely wanted to scream my head off at my floormates for being loud at 2 a.m. or for any number of reasons, but I also feel like I’ve at least forged some kind of bond with them.

Besides, there’s no way Towers is as bad as I’ve been told Chaffee is.

When freshman Kristina West, who lives in Chaffee B-Wing, talked about her housing with anyone, she didn’t get any positive remarks. The difference between her and I is her experience has been legitimately terrible.

“Once a girl threw up (in the bathroom) and it took a week to clean it. And she didn’t even make it in the toilet,” West said.

Naturally she gets more expected annoyances, such as loud floormates, but it seems  more often she gets the unexpected, like people wandering into her room late at night in drunken confusion.

West did admit to some positives, “The RD (resident director) and all the staff are really nice and my roommate is really awesome. I don’t think there have been many roommate complaints.”

So, at least that’s something.

But I guess I’m wondering why all I heard about Towers before I moved in was that it sucked and wasn’t a good place to live. Maybe it’s just because I have nothing else to compare it to, but my experience so far hasn’t been one of disconnect, or even of grand annoyance.

It’s been one where I’ve met people who I honestly wouldn’t get to know if we didn’t live together, but I’m glad we do because they’ve all been genuinely cool.

Maybe in two years I’ll look back on this and laugh at my own naiveté, and maybe some of you are laughing at me for enjoying my stay in Towers, but despite being woken up at odd hours (which, honestly, has been the most annoying thing to happen to me all semester), and despite the fact that I may have spent the first three months of the semester in my room, it’s been pretty chill.

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Zoe is a freshman Communications major who spends far too much time holed up in her room watching movies. She hopes to someday be an entertainment journalist.