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Try it with Tabby: The de-Grinch

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

The first of December crept up quickly for me this year, and with it came the realization Christmas is right around the corner. Now I’m not positive if it’s the lack of snow, the warmer than average weather or my sheer hate for the red and green color-combination, but this holiday season I am feeling like the biggest Grinch and have no interest in the warm fuzzy holiday feeling trying to creep its way into my stomach.

This week for “Try it with Tabby” I decided to take a day to de-Grinch and throw myself into everything Christmas. Call it my one-day attempt to decide if Christmas and I will make it through another year or part ways for good. Here are the five holiday must-do is you are feeling a bit scrooge-like this December.

1. Watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” The original. The best way, I find, to get into the Christmas spirit is to re-visit the days of my childhood when Christmas held a certain magic. My nostalgia-filled picks are “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.” If curling up on the couch and taking a Christmas trip down memory lane doesn’t work out, move on to step two.

2. Winter drinks. This category, at first, sounded a little iffy to me. Unless it’s coffee or hot cocoa, warm drinks aren’t really my things, especially when mixed with booze. Luckily for me, there exists a coffee hot/cocoa hybrid mixed with booze, which surprisingly doesn’t make me want to be sick: The chocolate kiss. This drink mixes cocoa and coffee with coffee liqueur, peppermint schnapps and whipped cream and it’s delicious. Add some miniature candy canes to up the cuteness factor.

3. Christmas lights. They can be done really well or can be a complete failure. In the case of one house in southeast Boise, overdone is the only descriptor worthy of the spectacle. And while I don’t usually enjoy things that are overdone or overly tacky, this specific house, which may honestly be able to be seen from space, just brought a touch of that warm fuzzy feeling into my tummy.

4. Downtown Boise. It is a mess of snow flake shaped lights and Christmas trees this time of year, and walking around with a cup of cocoa, a warm scarf and taking in all of the twinkle has to put you in the holiday spirit. End of story.

5. If none of the above bring on the holiday buzz, there is only one thing to do: Hug the Chic-fil-A cow dressed in a Santa costume dancing on the corner of Broadway and Parkcenter. If a hug is too far outside of your comfort zone, just take five minutes to watch it dance. And if the Chic-fil-A cow doesn’t work, well join me this year and thoroughly enjoy your inner scrooge.




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