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Late night drama on the ice for Boise State hockey

Patrick Sweeney / The Arbiter

When someone thinks about a rivalry game, they usually think of a past where two teams have been playing one another for years. Very few get to experience one, especially when the tensions are high and the stakes are even higher.

Saturday night when the Boise State Club Hockey team faced the University of Wisconsin Superior at CenturyLink Arena, an
instant rivalry was born. Wisconsin Superior is the farthest team back east the Broncos have ever played.

“They were really chippy and tried to keep hitting after the whistle. We didn’t take too kindly of that,” said freshman goalie Josh

Both teams were going at it from an early stage of the game to the last whistle.

In the 1st period, both teams battled hard as they scrambled to try to get ahead of one another in the score sheet. The Broncos were first to score, getting their goal from junior defender Kevin Costello with 1:30 left in the 1st period.

After a goal from the Broncos to end the 1st period, Wisconsin turned up the pressure and came out strong in the 2nd period as they scored two quick goals to put the Wisconsin Superior Yellow Jackets up 3-1 against the Broncos.

The resilient Broncos came back with an answer as they scored a goal of their own from junior forward JT Smith to finish out the 2nd period down 2-3.

The stage was set for a storybook ending from
Boise State.

10 seconds into the 3rd period Wisconsin Superior scored another goal, adding to the lead, 4-2 against the Broncos.

After that, it was all Boise State.

Both teams continued their rivalry-like fighting, even more so than in the previous two periods.

Smith netted a huge goal for the Broncos, inching closer and closer to the tie. The building momentum from Boise State was apparent in the arena atmosphere

They were playing with confidence.

A few minutes after the goal from Smith, senior center Matt Nukaya-Heady added another goal for the Broncos,
evening the score at four.

As time expired in the 3rd period, you could feel the pressure from both sides as they were headed for

In an overtime filled with fighting, pushing, penalties and arguing, neither team was able to score as they headed to the crowd-favorite: the shoot out.

For all who don’t know what a shoot out is, it’s a one-on-one matchup against a player from the opposing team and a goalie.

“There’s a lot of pressure, but it’s also a lot of fun. You just have to tell yourself that he’s not going to score. You have to come out with a lot of confidence,” Benton said.

With two goals scored from the Broncos compared to Wisconsin Superior’s one, the Broncos made the dramatic comeback win.

The Broncos look to carry this momentum into upcoming games.

“We have a few things we have to work on, but overall: skate hard, keep it simple and put some pucks in,” said Costello.

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