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Library offers extended hours: February trial run expected to gauge interest

Jake Essman / The Arbiter

Studying at home can be difficult these days. There are many things to distract from schoolwork: Television, videos games or a chatty roommate. Sometimes the library is the only place students can find the peace and quiet to get
work done.

The Albertsons Library has recently responded to students’ requests to extend library hours beyond the usual closing times.

Currently, the library is open from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Monday  through Thursday, and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

During finals week, however, the library is open 24 hours.

“We are open to looking at any proposals students want,” said Peggy Cooper, associate dean of Albertsons Library.

Cooper and colleagues are pleased students would like to utilize facilities and are planning a trial run of hours extension in February to gauge student interest.

Current plans for the trial run in February include extending closing hours Monday through Thursday to 2 a.m., and mandating students present a student I.D. to security after regular hours in order to enter the building.

Albertsons Library officials say they have three major issues to address in order to make evening library hours longer.

The first deals with hiring more staff to work late.

“We need to have permanent staff in the building at that time, and it needs to be more than one (available), because if someone is sick or on vacation, we have to have a backup,” Cooper said.

Cooper also addressed the security issues extended hours would present.

“Then we need to look at security,” Cooper said. “This is a very big campus and we have students that need to leave the library during late evening hours, early morning hours, we are concerned about them getting to their dorms, or cars, or apartments safely.”

Lastly, administration officials would need to allocate funds for basic heating and hiring of additional cleaning staff in order to properly maintain the library.

“The third thing is, there are associated issues such as the cost of heating, air conditioning, additional janitorial services, those kinds of things,” Cooper said.

Some students, such as Saad Alruwaili, a freshman business administration international student, said they would like to see the libraries hours

“It would be perfect if they extended like, 24 hours,” Alruwaili said. “Because, for us, as international students, we don’t have anything to do here, so we need to spend most of our time

Other students, such as senior history major Martina Ashman, think the library hours are adequate and meet student demand.

“I think it is impressive the library is open until midnight already,” Ashman said. “If they think enough people would be here to use the time, I guess that’s great, but I think it would be interesting to see how much traffic they think they are going to get.”

Ashman also commented on the increased cost of longer library hours.

“I think there are other things they could do better with that (money) than keeping the library open,”
Ashman said.

No measures have been approved by Boise State officials as of yet.

Cooper and associates plan to observe student participation during the trial in February before meeting with administration officials to discuss any changes.

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