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Buckin-A: Gentlemen take aim

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

It’s a petty gripe for a journalist to indulge, but one that warrants some kind of addressing since it’s a bit gross.

Gentlemen, I am talking to you.

The Interactive Learning Center (ILC) is a beautiful, fairly new building which serves as a classroom for many students all week. You don’t need to be an expert to know it is probably one of the busiest buildings on campus. Still, you should never be in such a hurry that you piss everywhere but the urinal.

And don’t tell me all bathrooms are a little messy. When I can see liquid all over the floor and it is yellow, it’s not water. That’s for damn sure.

It’s not like it’s the expected splatter either, these are straight up puddles I’m talking about.

I mean really, those jokes about writing your name in the snow with pee should perhaps be taken a bit more seriously, because I bet if you can form letters with your stream you can probably hold it still in one place for a couple seconds.

Younger students may discover as they get older and start to go to bars around town the bathrooms at bars are kind of gross because there is urine all over the place. However, at the ILC you really ought to be sober and don’t have much of an excuse, but some days the men’s room is awfully similar to The Main Street Bistro’s.

That’s not good!

To be fair, the ILC could probably use more frequent maintenance because after you have hopefully hopped your way from dry patch to dry patch until you get to the sink, you run the risk of getting blasted by the jacked up sinks.

So then you’re splattered with water and would like to dry off, but may find the towel dispensers are empty. Thank goodness there are those air-dryer things.

You may be tempted to literally face-palm at that point, but don’t.

Then again if I was a janitor at this school I might actually want to spite the men using the bathrooms at the ILC too, for pissing all over the floor!

It’s really dumb, guys. At the very least you are probably 17-years-old by now and should know how to wrangle your package.

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