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You Remember That, Johnson: Turkey Hangover

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

“You remember that, Johnson” is Katie Johnson’s survival guide to Boise State detailing her experiences last year as a first-year freshman from out of state. 

A full week. We had a full week to catch up on homework and begin studying for finals.
Except, no.

I had big plans for homework and studying.

And then break came … and went and not a book had been cracked.

Instead, I watched more Netflix than can be healthy and laid around my parents’ house like a lazy sack of potatoes.

Capitalizing fully on the fact I could do nothing for a solid week except eat and sleep. And trust me, it
was great.

But then Monday came and break was over and the homework I put off?

Well it was due.
And me?

I’m still in my turkey hangover with no interest in school work.

I’m still in Netflix-mode and I’m not really sure where my jeans are.

Or when the last time I put real pants on was. (Possibly the Thursday before break?)

But it’s no longer break, which means it’s no longer acceptable to lay around in my yoga pants and cry over Grey’s Anatomy episodes I’ve seen three times.

On second thought, I’m not sure if that is ever acceptable, but it’s at least feasible over break.

I’m chalking my absolute lack of motivation up to a turkey hangover.

I spent a week doing nothing and now it’s become habit. But I can’t let this beat me.

Whether or not it means bribing myself with an episode of Grey’s Anatomy every time I finish a page of an essay, or turning off my WiFi so I have no
other option.

I have to get over my break hangover. I have to get back into school mode.

If you’re experiencing a break hangover know that you are not alone.

Know that I am also dreading doing any sort of school work, and that at the very moment you’re knowing you should be starting that math homework but hitting “Next Episode” instead, I’m right there with you.

We’ll get through this.


I think.

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Katie Johnson is in her second year at the Arbiter, and loves being a part of the paper's staff. Having adapted the little sister role in the office, she is sometimes referred to as "child". Originally from an island off of San Diego, California she chose Boise State for a change of scene, and to have all four seasons. She has an awkward obsession with Harry Potter, and knows that her mischief will mostly likely never be managed.