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Oh where will the coaching winds blow

Jake Essman / The Arbiter

In the world of sports, job security rests solely on
results—marquee wins, money and championships. In college football, those results are placed on a shiny pedestal that only the worthy are able to grasp. If those results aren’t obtained, firings take place, with an extreme turnover rate in head coaching positions.

Especially in the big power-house conferences, schools  are frantically searching to fill those positions with the next best name and find their savior to bring back the “tradition” and “dominance” that was once lost. Boise State has no need to fret over finding a prized head coach, but rather holding onto him.

Year in and year out, Chris Petersen finds himself in the middle of  head coaching rumors. And it shouldn’t come as any surprise for a man of his stature: an 82-8 record over seven seasons, two undefeated seasons that led to two Fiesta Bowl wins, two Paul “Bear” Bryant Coach of the Year Awards. The accolades go on.

Why leave the City of Trees and the state university residing within it? With a consistent Top 25 football program (in major part to Coach Pete himself), a growing university and a livable city with a tight-knit community, it seems as if the pieces are in place for any football coach to call Boise State home.

What Boise State lacks, and this may not come as easy, is rich tradition, lucrative amounts of revenue and a deep hand in the recruiting game—all factors that leave vacant positions in conferences such as the Pac-12, Big-12 and SEC much more appealing than a mid-major school head coaching job.

While the low blow of reality might sting and the chaos fostered from Internet message boards and Twitter continue, realize this: Coach Pete has had his opportunities of “dream jobs” come his way and has turned them
down before.

 In January 2011, Pete turned down a $3 million dollar head coaching job at Stanford, under three hours from his hometown of Yuba City, Calif., stating to ESPN’s Andrea Adelson “I’m really happy to be in the position I’ve been the last five years. I think (Stanford) is a very special place. I just thought it was worth having a conversation about, but that’s about as far as it went”.

Last season, Petersen spurred a $4 million dollar offer from UCLA to take over as head coach, a job that former Seattle Seahawks Head Coach Jim Mora took.

Boise State took notice of the stiff competition and re-worked Petersen’s deal to a five year, $8 million dollar contract that has a state-of-the-art football facility and expanded stadium coming in hot next season.

What will be the factor coming into this off-season is if Oregon’s Chip Kelly decides to bolt to the NFL, or if Cal makes a run at Petersen or even if those Arkansas rumors hold true. All head coaching positions that pose an improvement for money, recruiting, and most importantly, championships.

Speculation is speculation and Bronco fans have become numb to the chatter, but be weary that nothing is impossible in college football.

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