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SUPS rings in the holiday season

Kicking off this festive time of year for the Fine Art program’s Student Union Performance Series will be Phyllis Tincher with a seasonal demonstration of her handbell skills.

The recital will be performed on Thursday, Nov. 29 on the Student Union Building Dining Room Stage. Admission is, as always, free.

“It’s an interesting idea because the only time it’s a conventional instrument is during the Christmas season,” said Manny Wheaton, sophomore mechanical engineering major.

Because Wheaton only just recently learned of the handbell’s use as a musical instrument, he said he is curious to hear it on Thursday and plans on stopping by.

For many, this is one of the busiest times of the year and Shelby Brown, freshman business major, serves as no exception.

“I’ll be busy with the semester’s finals coming up and probably won’t be able to make it,” Brown said. “But even knowing that there’s actually a concert dedicated to handbells makes me excited for finals to hurry up and be over so Christmas can be here.”

For some, this is an anomaly in the typical SUPS repertoire.  Matt Hodel, sophomore business and finance major, has gone to nearly every concert this year.

“I’m usually a pretty straightforward rock and roll guy,” Hodel said. “But I’ll still stop by because the Fine Arts program has yet to fail to
entertain me.”

Hodel went on to say he thinks we can all agree Christmas is, “pretty much the best time of year, so the handbells will probably be a good change.”

If you have a liking for holiday music or are just looking to attain that holiday feeling for the first time this year, this Thursday Tincher will be at the SUB from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

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