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Boise State ski and snowboarding ready for the winter

Hali Goodrich / The Arbiter

As winter slowly approaches, most students are getting into their in pajamas, curling up in bed and cranking up the heater to full blast.

But for the Boise State Ski and Snowboard club, this time of year is a time to throw on a jacket, put on some goggles and shred down the snow-covered mountains.

In a sport that is getting more popular every year, the size of the Boise State ski/snowboarding team is growing drastically.

“This year we have 65 members, which is a lot. Last year, we had a total of 30 members and only about 20 of them were active. We’ve gotten a lot bigger, which is awesome,” said Boise State Ski/Snowboard Club President Hali Goodrich.

Part of this mass growth is in the base of the club, comradery and community building. The club also pushes for heavily involvement for all that want to

“Basically, our whole model is that we want to make skiing and snowboarding affordable and accessible for students on campus,” Goodrich said.

The club is a non-competitive team.

“We are doing things like smaller trips. We did one up in McCall a couple of weekends ago, which was a lot of fun. We’re hoping to do more up in Brundage ski resort when that snow comes in, maybe some to Sun Valley,” said Goodrich.

Besides the small trips, the club has one main trip each year over winter break.

“This year, we are going to Jackson Hole (Jan. 13 through 17). We will stay in the hostel, ski/snowboard for four days, stay for four nights. It’s really affordable. We try to do fundraising to help subsidize it, we are writing grants this year and stuff like that to get money for it. It’s anywhere between 250 to 300 dollars which is super, super cheap for Jackson Hole,” Goodrich said.

“We have a lot of fun. It’s the highlight of the season,” Goodrich added.

When Bogus Basin opens, the club will use the carpooling system they developed within the club to help get more members up to the mountain after class and whenever they have the urge to feel the adrenaline rush of flying down the snow.

For more information on the Boise State Ski/Snowboard club, go to its Facebook page or contact Club President Hali Goodrich at haligoodrich@

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