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Crowds jammed out for the Winter Jam

Over 9,000 people jammed out to Christian music at the Taco Bell Arena on Nov. 15 for Winter Jam.

The headlined performer was GRAMMY® winning, multi-platinum recording artist TobyMac.

The tour also featured nine other Christian bands with a diversity of music from hip-hop to screamo.

Capital Kings opened in the middle of the arena on a small stage with a DJ set up and had the whole crowd fist pumping to their song “I Feel So Alive.”

Next on stage was Dara Maclean. She sang three songs including hit “Thank You for Finding Me.”

Following Maclean was American Idol contestant Jason Castro who sang “Good Love” and “Another Day Another Mile.”

Alya Johnson, sophomore marketing major, said she was surprised by Castro’s appearance at the Christian concert.

“I didn’t even know Jason Castro was going to be there,” Johnson said. “I had no clue he was even Christian but when they announced his name I got so excited because I rooted for him on American Idol and I thought he was so hot. It made my night seeing
him live.”

After Castro left the stage, Group One Crew came out in glow in the dark suits and danced to “Everyday I’m Shuffling.”

The two main singers of the group had crazy Afro’s and a funky style of dancing. They had the crowd jumping up and down as they sang “His Kind of Love.”

New Song was on next. They sang worship songs and displayed lyrics on the screen so the crowd could join in.

After New Song, Jamie Grace entered the stage and sang “The Way You Love Jesus.”
Grace was similar to  a Christian mix between Nikki Minaj and Taylor Swift. She sang self-written love songs and admitted to being single since birth and all of her love songs were written for Jesus.

Next on stage was Chris August. August played the keyboard and sang songs including “Center of It” and “I Will Sing About Your Love.”

“The funny thing about faith, it’s about believing in what you don’t see,” August said right before he sang his song “I Believe.”

After August left stage there was a 20-minute sermon by evangelist Nick Hall.

“People say I go to church, I’m a Christian. Well, just because you go to Burger King doesn’t make you a whopper,” Hall said.

He then invited those who were interested to say a prayer with him, inviting Christ into their lives.

After the prayer was finished Red entered the stage and sang “Be Glorified.” Red was different from all the other bands.

They had pyrotechnics and sang screamo songs. People in the crowd were head banging and playing the air guitar as Red sang “I Will Carry You.”

Following Red, The Side Walk Profits got everyone pumped for Toby Mac and sang “Love Love Love” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us.”

Finally TobyMac entered the stage and had the crowd going wild. They threw their hands in the air as he opened with hit song “To Be Loved by You.”

TobyMac had a marching band on stage as he sang “This Ain’t no Boy Band” and the crowd sang along to “Gone.”

Jenny Tills, freshman undecided major ,said she went to Winter Jam specifically to see TobyMac.

“I’ve been listening to TobyMac since I was ten and was major stoked when I heard he would be on campus,” Tills said. “My favorite song was “Funky Jesus Music” because Jamie Grace sang with him and she was my second favorite artist there.”

The majority of the crowd was on their feet and had their hands in the air for TobyMac’s entire

The lights went low and the crowd pulled out their phones and waved them in the air as Mac sang “City on Our Knees.”

He closed with “Me Without You.”