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Buckin-A: One more month

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Thanksgiving break came to an end just a little too soon. Now the Tryptophan is finally making its way out of everyone’s systems and we all have to get back to class.

Making the grade is the name of the game for just a few more weeks and then we get a real break where we can actually enjoy ourselves without having to dedicate time toward some essay.

Instead of just moaning and groaning back into the classroom this week, why not start thinking of the return to class as your last month to make a real impact on your grades. With only a few weeks left until the end of the semester this is a last chance to take those Cs and bump them up to Bs.

Most juniors and seniors are already used to the stress everyone seems to feel around the end of fall semester, but a lot of freshmen and sophomores may not be aware that the weeks right before the end of the semester is usually considered to be the most stressful.

It’s cold, class is still in full swing and everyone is eager to leave when it is all done. Plus you have the reminder there is another whole semester waiting for you even when you finish this one up.

On the other hand, spring semester only gets warmer as the weeks go by and at the end you get summer break. It also marks the end of another whole year.

But think about it on less pessemistic terms; it’s just one more month of hard work and then it’s over for the semester.

Sure, a lot of people had homework over the break and it is not something we want to deal with when we consider ourselves to be taking some down time. But hey, at least nobody had to show up for class.

Anything is more stimulating than sitting in the frozen cinderblock rooms of the Liberal Arts Building.

So don’t let the fall stress bring you down this year. Go into the last few weeks of class with your A-game and make the last few weeks count.

If college was easy we wouldn’t be dependent on coffee and Red Bull. On the bright side, fall semester is just about over and we’re all going to be fine.

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