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Holiday ornaments come to life in Cirque Dreams Holidaze

Cirque Dreams Holidaze is where holiday ornaments come to life and gingerbread men, snowmen, penguins and reindeer can be seen performing flips, balancing acts, walking on wires and sculpting.

“This particular production is Broadway meets Radio City meets circus arts through amazing athletic and artistic feats, so there’s really something for everyone,” said Jenn Sierra, media relations representative. “The show is appropriate for kids from two to 92. I think the kids are going to marvel at the construct, and those adults that are in the audience are going to marvel at the athletic prowess of our performers.”

The show has over 30 performers who partake in the different feats and the music was developed specifically for the show. Neil Goldberg is the man whose imagination the show came from, and when he was young he dreamed of what holiday ornaments would do if they came to life off of the Christmas tree.

“He came up with the theme of this particular production because as a child he was always fascinated with holiday ornaments,” Sierra said. “He is involved in every facet of the production from the choreography to the material that’s used for the costumes.”

Goldberg created the story-line to accompany the ornaments, and through him and other artistic minds the Morrison Center stage at Boise State will be filled with living Christmas decorations. The show is at 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 20. For tickets and more information go to Cirque Dreams website.