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Student Voices – Thanksgiving Break

The Arbiter

Thanksgiving break is the first real break in the school year and comes at a time when most students are starting to feel the strain of the daily grind. The Arbiter toured around the school and asked students about their thoughts for the upcoming break.

What are you most looking forward to this Thanksgiving break? 

Mindy Hoskins

Zack Chastaine / The Arbiter

Nursing – Freshman

I’m looking forward to just not going to class, so I live in Boise, I get to come home everyday.


Connor Hexum

Zack Chastaine / The Arbiter

Communication – Freshman

“I’d probably have to say the NFL Football games Thursday night, Cowboys and Detroit always play, so that will be fun to see the football games and have dinner with the family and  whatnot.”


William Petroll

Zack Chastaine / The Arbiter

History 2nd Education – Junior

I’m looking forward to going home, seeing my family and just kind of taking some time off because it’s been kind of a hectic semester so far. So I’m still going to be doing work over the break but it’s going to be nice to sleep in.