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Senior recitals continue with Bethany Sigurdson

Photo courtesy Pomerelle Studios

Senior recitals for music majors are put on during the year for audiences to see how far they have progressed coming closer to graduation.  Bethany Sigurdson will be the most recent student to take to the stage.  Sigurdson has been playing the piano for many years and her piano professor at Boise State, Del Parkinson, only had praise for his student.

“She is so diligent, well-prepared (and) consistent,” Parkinson said. “I would call her a model student. She’s just a delight (and) I look forward to her lesson every single week.  She works hard, and makes progress and improvements.  She sets goals for herself and that’s why she’s accomplished all that she has, and she’s developed into a very fine pianist.”

Parkinson has seen Sigurdson grow in many ways over the five years he’s taught her, especially in technique, including finger-work and accuracy. But, one particular area of improvement stood out the most.

“One of the biggest areas where she’s shown growth is in her confidence in performance, because a lot of times students will develop into playing well but they’ll get nervous in front of (an) audience and it makes it hard to perform at their best,” Parkinson said. “Every single year she’s gotten much better at that and by now she’s very comfortable performing for audiences, so she’ll be in great shape for the recital on Monday.”

The audience can expect a variety of works from Sigurdson, with pieces from different centuries and countries. She’ll be accompanied by other performers on some of her pieces.

“Well, I think you’ll expect to hear her play with a lot of beauty and a lot of excitement,” Parkinson said. “I would say that those would be two of the things that people will enjoy, because she plays very beautifully and then she can also create great excitement at the appropriate moments.”

Sigurdson’s recital will be in the Recital Hall on the second floor of the Morrison Center on Nov. 12 at 7:30 p.m.