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Music trumps election night

Cody Finney / The Arbiter

Despite Tuesday, Nov. 6 being one of the most important days in America, many members of Boise State’s student body and faculty took time to enjoy the evening by doing what they love: performing music and sharing it with

The All Campus Band held their fall concert in the Morrison Center. Proceeds went directly to scholarships for our music program.

“It’s cool to see both staff and students working in unison. That’s not something you’d ever see in high school,” said Dominic Wargo, freshman business management major.

Running the show on this night was the band’s conductor, Joe Tornello Ph. D., of the music department.

Though this is Tornello’s second year at the university, he said he is still getting somewhat acclimated to this relatively new band.

“We’ve already seen a lot of improvements in the musicians,” Tornello said.

The All Campus band is a concert band and are a non-audition group. This means participation is open to all.

They focus on playing more at local community events. This differs from the Keith Stein Blue Thunder Marching Band, also directed by Tornello, in which only students perform primarily for athletic events.

Tornello said his favorite part of the job is, “Just getting to work with such a wide range of musicians, from freshmen to professors to members of the community. It’s great to get everybody involved.”

With the exception of only one orchestral transcription, the show was comprised entirely of original work. One piece was a tribute to the late Melvin Shelton Ph. D. As the Director of Bands and a music professor at Boise State, Shelton founded the Boise State University Jazz Festival and the annual Marching Workshop for high school aged students.

“Even though I didn’t know Melvin Shelton, things got pretty sentimental last night when the tribute song started playing,” said Maddie Acosta, freshman physical therapy major.

Alan Salvador, to whom Tornello referred as an “outstanding student,” got to shine again with a solo piece.

Salvador also performed recently as a senior percussionist at a recital earlier this year in the Morrison Center Recital Hall.

“Even though it was an election night, people were there, enjoyed the show and gave helpful feedback,” Tornello said.

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